Tuesday, June 19, 2012

smochizu revived ! / watanagashi matsuri was here / happy birthday to me

june 19, it is the day of watanagashi matsuri according to the higurashi no naku koro ni mythos, and coincidentally it's the day in which i was born onto this plane of reality. sadly, no cake but plenty of senbeis and tea to celebrate with |3

p/s : reposted from an ancient post made here. oh and hey, smochizu's baaack ! xD - hime

Thursday, November 24, 2011

[ official download ] switchblade★seven - beautify the filth

[ click here to download the single for free | official facebook page here ]

forgot to share this here before; my band, switchbladeseven has recently released our debut independent 'single' on nov. 11 of which can be downloaded for free [ here - inclusive of cover art ].

titled 'beautify the filth' [ actual title is クリムゾンプリンセス ~beautify the filth~, but we had to shorten it to just the english title for our local market v.v ], the music was composed and arranged by mr. ewans [ vocals / guitar ] and hazarulizreen [ guitar / keyboard ] while i provided the lyrics and the design / artwork for the cover / inlay. and for those who missed out the detail i've shared here earlier, i am the drummer of the band [ aka the person who goes by the callsign 'fuminozomi' ].

p/s : great portion of the visual theme / concept were influenced by black★rock shooter by huke while the lyrics were inspired from kannazuki no miko - also included on the inner inlay within the download package :3

listening to : supercell - my dearest


one; the title track of the single is a very uplifting song, with intricately beautiful, exquisitely grandiose musical arrangement ever written - leading to 'my dearest' being crowned as one of the best song i've heard to from this year's anime openings catalogue. two; i personally vote this single as my ultimate favorite above all other anime openings this year. period. third; the first of the two accompanying b-sides [ 罪人 ] is a beautiful ballad piece, a befitting companion to the title track indeed. not to mention the uptempo rock piece that succeeds it [ 大貧民 ] is a fun track itself, and certainly is a fun piece to cover with my band later on |3

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